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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

About ThinkHTML.

I'm Timo Huovinen.
I've been making websites since 2007 and I keep this blog as a log of web ideas.
You may be wondering why a web developer would use blogspot to write his website thoughts and ideas instead of making his own website for this purpose, well there are several reasons why I chose blogger, the main reason was that i have absolutely no time to make a website for myself.

I have been making websites for a while now and there is always some web project that I need to do, but in the end I still don't have a personal website, and no place to log my ideas and thoughts and to write tutorials for the people starting with html, css, js and server side languages.

A personal proper website needs time to be made, needs time to be maintained, needs time to be designed.

Thus it was simply a cheaper and faster way for me to log my ideas, and to open up useful information for people on the internet.

p.s. all images/photos used on this website were made by me.


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